Succumbed to the pressure

May 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

Ok, so I’ve finally given in. Lots of people are doing the p90x workout and I’ve decided to become one of the masses.. I am more curious than anything, really. I’ve started doing yoga and jogging, and I’m already tiring of the routine – I hear with p90x it’s always different. I’ve never had ripped abs or been totally buff, but I’m thinking it might be a nice goal to aim for..


Prank you very much

May 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Spending 4 years at a boarding school, it was inevitable I’d fall prey to one prank or another. Sadly, the attempts that I made to prank anyone always got thwarted. I was standing by the dorm fridge one evening with someone’s shampoo and conditioner in hand, ready to throw them in the freezer when out walked our dorm dad… I could never get away with anything!  I’d have to say the best (or worst) pranks had to be the ones my friend Lauren played on me. There was no “getting her back”, because she’d always pull the last one. Always.

One time I walked into my room and turned on the overhead fan – only to be surrounded by a white whirlwind of flour… After spending hours pain-stakingly cleaning up the huge mess, I left to go blow off some steam at the basketball court. When I came back to the dorm and turned on the light (and overhead fan), *POOF*! Yep. You guessed it. White powder all over EVERYTHING, one more time.. I was livid.

Then there was the time that I won a pie-eating contest. I’d won the contest only because I was the last contestant to jump off the stage and puke (we had to eat several of these pies to win). This contest had been held by the sophomore class, and my prankster friend Lauren just happened to be in charge of all the chocolate pudding that had gone into the pies. It was quite a rude awakening at 2 o’clock one morning when a huge tub of chocolate pudding was dumped all over me in my sleep.. Had I had any clothing on, I would have pursued the perp, but of course I knew who had done the dirty deed!

I think that the only prank I ever pulled off was on my roommate Andrew. While he was gone, a friend and I managed to shrink wrap everything of his – DVDs, remote, toothbrush, you name it. It was so immensely satisfying – that is, until he walked in and acted like nothing had every happened… Which makes me think that perhaps I was such a great target in high school because I reacted to everything. If only I’d had a poker-faced response (thanks Lady Gaga for ruining that expression!), maybe I’d have missed out on the second coating of flour in my room, or on the chocolate pudding bath…

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