Succumbed to the pressure

May 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

Ok, so I’ve finally given in. Lots of people are doing the p90x workout and I’ve decided to become one of the masses.. I am more curious than anything, really. I’ve started doing yoga and jogging, and I’m already tiring of the routine – I hear with p90x it’s always different. I’ve never had ripped abs or been totally buff, but I’m thinking it might be a nice goal to aim for..



§ 6 Responses to Succumbed to the pressure

  • Lauren says:

    Here’s hoping you’ll post BEFORE and AFTER pictures!

  • jeklo says:

    Now, that is a good question.. Before anyone actually read my blog – not that many do – and before google indexed it maybe I would have thought “sure, why not”. But… We’ll see how brave I am!

  • micahdanielsmith says:

    Its a tough program, but you get a great sense of completion after finishing all 90 days…If you get stomach through the first 2 weeks, you will do fine. You will be sore though with the first weeks, I know I was, and I thought I was in pretty good shape already! Good Luck!

    • jeklo says:

      I have a couple of good friends who are going to text me every day (so they tell me).. They’ve already been harassing me to see if I’ve started it yet! It helps to know that the first two weeks will be toughest; I’ll focus on getting through them and go from there! Seeing the results will be fun I’m sure.

      Thanks for the encouragement!!! Love your blog btw

  • Paulo says:

    Exercising is totally good.

    • jeklo says:

      It is totally good. It actually feels like the conditioning we did for basketball at ICA. Or soccer in college, only easier. And Becky has kept her word… Not so much Larry. I figured he wouldn’t; but that’s ok. I’m committed to this thing regardless..

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